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The Two Boys and Girls Clubs Become One in Denison


DENISON, TX -- Since 1990 there has been two Boys and Girls Clubs in Denison with similar goals.

Graham Skipsey, the Divisional Director of Boys and Girls Clubs from Dallas, TX says, "Boys and girls club have a range of programs for young kids obviously including homework help and their academic achievements enabling them to work and engage with the local communities, some community service and also sports and athletics."

After three years of trying, today the two separate groups became one. The Salvation Army will step aside and instead help the one and only Boys and Girls club of Denison with sports equipment and facility usage.

"We are grateful for them to have faith and trust in us to take care of what use to be kind of their kids, their children and we welcome that challenge and we certainly respect their organization and appreciate their faith in us," says Patrick Guarino, the Chief Financial Officer of the Boys and Girls Club of Denison.

"In a relatively small community such as Denison, it does make sense that there is one Boys and Girls Club of Denison, those that want to support the work of the Boys and Girls Club have one organization of whom they can support," explains Skipsey.

"I have grown up in Denison, as many of you may know or may not know. I have been here 48 years. I was a member of the Salvation Army Boys and Girls Club. I can remember playing football there as a young man. It made me what I am today which I believe is a strong community-involved person," says Tim Neal, the Chief Volunteers of the Boys and Girls Club of Denison.

Now the kids of Denison have one organization supported by the whole community to enjoy and learn from.

"I think today we are looking to the future ... today is primarily about the future and there is going to be one Boys and Girls club in Denison that the Salvation Army is proud to support," says Skipsey.