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Crafty Creations - Painting Tips For Weekend Renovations


Looking for an easy and inexpensive way to do a quick weekend room makeover? Brenda Hantsche has a few ideas in this week's Crafty Creations.



It's spring cleaning & updatingtime! Nothing's better than a fresh coat of paint for a budgetfriendly new look. Here are some tips and products to make the jobeasier & more fun~because not everyone actually likes to paint!




Not the fun part, but worth the time.Dusting & cleaning baseboards, vacuuming carpet & sweepinghard wood floors before interior jobs makes using the painter'stape easier. Remove art work & nails from walls, then spackleholes, making sure the product is sanded when dry for a smoothsurface.




Great for baseboards and around windowframes. Don't spend too much; the average tape is a good choice forthe common job. For the custom, creative design, then spend the extrafor the more expensive product.




Old sheets, mattress covers &shower curtain liners are great for drop clothes.

Remember that the liners don't absorbthe paint, so it'll stay wet for a while longer, you don't wantto step in it & have paint spots all over your floors.




For the paint scent sensitive nose: add2-3 drops of vanilla into a gallon of paint~it's a greatneutralizer! (I wouldn't use the expensive Mexican vanilla)


Vaseline or hand cream around doorhardware can replace painter's tape. With a small art brush, youcan get super close with confidence then wipe the hardware clean.


If you have no paint pan liners foreasy clean up, cover the paint pan with a small trash can liner,leave slack for pouring paint & tie with a bread twisty. Afterpainting, remove the bag, now inside out & throw away.


Don't wear flip-flops or backlessshoes on the ladder & keep the cell phone in your pocket for theimportant teacher's call that will come when you're on the toprung!


I keep my can of paint in a cardboardbox, if it's on the floor. It's more stable when full and the boxcan catch drips or accidental spills.





I love the new sponge rollers for flatsurfaces! Use these on doors, pillars, shutters and moldings. Theymake the job so much quicker & the coverage is excellent. Best ofall, clean up is also quick and easy.


CUSTOM SPRAY PAINT~who knew? Robert'sDecorator Supply, in Sherman, can mix your custom color in a spraypaint can! Now this is perfect for the wicker or metal patiofurniture! Other paint products are also available in the spray paintcan option.




Always get the correct tools you needfor the job. Paint is improving, and so are the brushes and rollers,ask the professionals for the best value. Your tools are aninvestment and you'll be keeping them for future projects. Nothingis more annoying than stray bristles on your wet paint!




Spring time is a good time to check outthe paint sales. With rebates and discounts, you may be able topurchase the better product or more of what you need for le$$.




Remember the small test paint productsare a fun and wise option. These are priceless if you're notconvinced on a color, or can't decide on a shade. For a smallamount, it's defiantly worth trying. Living with the test areas fora week or so, is also a good idea. Add a few art pieces you have &see how the dry color works in your room with the light you have.