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Say I Do In Durant Again


ThreeValley Museum, The Durant Area Chamber of Commerce and Durant Main StreetProgram will celebrate the place in time when literally thousands of love birdsflocked to Durant to be married on June 8, 2013 with the event Say "I Do" in Durant (again). Accordingto records, from the time of statehood until the late 80's love birds,especially from Texas, came to Durant to avoid the three day waiting periodrequired by Texas law.

Curator,Nancy Ferris, of the Three Valley Museum, state that "many rode the train fromTexas to Durant, got their bold test at Haynie Clinic, the license from theBryan County Clerk, hooked up with a Justice of the Peace, and caught the trainthat would get them back home by dark".

Oneparticular Justice of the Peace was Ross Beal Nix. Mr. Nix's business signcould be seen along Highway 69 coming into Durant. It read: Free Information onOklahoma Marriage, Blood Test, and License…ask at Residence.

Mr. Nixmust have been quite a character. He boasted of marrying a whopping 25,000lovers. His claim to fame landed him a spot on the then popular Don Ricklesshow. He also appeared on "To Tell the Truth".

Famoussinger/actress, Rosemary Clooney married Joe Ferrer in Durant. The story goesthat Lee Harvey Oswald's widow, Marina attempted to tie the knot in Durant butwas chased away by overbearing news reporters.

On June 8ththere will be activities from 1st Street to 4th Street,as we welcome folks back to Durant again to say "I Do". There will be a mockrenewal of the vows ceremony on the Bryan County Court House Lawn at 10:00 a.m.followed by a cake and punch reception at the Three Valley Museum. All ofdowntown will be having sales and special menus which will add to the day'sfestivities.

Manythings have changed since these folks were here, however much has stayed thesame including the friendly people who live here and have not forgotten asimpler time when love birds flocked to Durant.

We needyour help in contacting those you know who married here. Ferris said "many havescattered to the wind, but hopefully with your help we can contact a goodportion of them and encourage them to return for a day of celebration of thecontribution they unknowingly made to our history'.

Werealize some spouses may be deceased and time can change a lot of things butthere is great opportunity for families to visit and learn more about theirhistory as we say "I Do" in Durant (again).

For moreinformation about this event, contact Nancy at 580-920-1907 or 580-920-3642,the Durant Area Chamber of Commerce, 580-924-0848or Durant Main Street, 580-924-1550.