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Red Cross prepares for the worst during severe weather season


GRAYSON COUNTY, TX - The Red Cross is on high alert, ready to spring into action depending on what happens in Texoma the next few days, but that takes time and money. Time from volunteers, and money from much needed donations.

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For David Compton, volunteering to help others, is way of life.

"I've always felt like, individuals need to look to give back to their communities and fellow man."

In the aftermath of disaster and destruction it's volunteers like David, who help people often in the worst moments of their lives.

"Everything from hugs and tears to smiles and thank you, but basically people saying thank you so much for what you've done," said Compton.

But while the Red Cross serves communities for free, they do rely on the communities for donations to pay for supplies.

"We rely as they say on the goodness of other people. You have to have money to provide the type of services people need," Compton said.

"When you sit down and figure out that it's $500 dollars on average per person, that it cost the red cross to help someone and that's totally given by volunteers, by the community that gets together to pitches in some money to help," said Red Cross Events Chair, Sara Jerome.

So when disaster strikes that's when your donation dollars really go to work for simple things like this comfort kit that has soap and shampoo and a toothbrush in it, or something like a toy to comfort a scared child.

The Red Cross describes it as a cycle of giving, that always comes full circle.

"It all comes back, everything we gain goes right back into this community, so if something devastating were to hit us here, we're ready for it," said Jerome.

Making volunteers ready to help the communities, that help them to keep going.

The Red cross says several shelters will be opened up around Texoma if needed. 

To search for loved ones or to list yourself as "okay" following a disaster, visit the Red Cross link below.

To donate or volunteer for the Red Cross, visit the link below.