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Grayson County Experiences Power Outages


GRAYSON COUNTY, TX--- Power outages have been slowing businesses and homeowners down in Grayson County. The first outage happened yesterday afternoon after a car crashed into a power line. The outage caused about 50 people to lose power for about two hours.

Firefighters said a van drove off Highway 91 and hit a power line and a parked car. The impact of the crash sent the car into Denison dealership Choice Motors, badly damaging the dealership and the car.

"Right now we're calling the insurance adjusters and we're trying to get the insurance agents out here to find out what it's going to cost to replace and fix it," Choice Motors owner Don Bonner said.

After the van crashed into the car, it caught fire. The driver of the van was able to get out of it before he was badly hurt. The driver is reported to be a paraplegic and dealership workers said they were told he may have been having a spasm when the crash happened.

A second outage has left TAPS Transportation without telephone and Internet services.
This outage happened around 4:30 a.m. TAPS officials said it was causing route delays and drivers were having a hard time communicating this morning.

Routes are running on time now and crews are currently trying to get Internet and phone services back up and running.

"We are replacing equipment and hardware," TAPS CEO Brad Underwood said. "We're working very closely with Encore and Cable One to get all of our pieces working together again."

Underwood said at this point they're not sure how the outage happened.