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Two Drivers Hurt In Sherman Rollover Accident


SHERMAN, TX -- There was a startling sight on a busy roadway this morning, where a rollover accident sent two people to the hospital.

A busy area near Sherman Town Center was swarming with ambulances and fire trucks -- one witness counting 10 city vehicles in all -- as a two-vehicle crash flipped an SUV on its roof.

It happened around 10 a.m. on Saturday on Loy Lake Road near the Academy sporting goods store. An officer on scene tells us that a driver coming out from Sarah Swamy Drive apparently stepped off the brake.

That's when the car rolled forward and  hit an SUV driving up the road. The force flipped the more than 3,000 pound vehicle upside down. Bystanders were startled to see the result of the crash.

"I just can't understand how that could be turned over. I didn't hear anything, I was over there in my apartment," says witness Bud Wilson.

After being flipped right-side up, the SUV still ran well enough to be driven onto the tow truck. Firefighters soon re-opened the busy roadway. Both drivers were taken to TMC with scrapes and we're told they appeared to be okay.