Wednesday Night's Storms Across Texoma - - No One Gets You Closer

Wednesday Night's Storms Across Texoma


TEXOMA -- For the KTEN viewing area, you could say we dodged a bullet Wednesday night as the  life-threatening weather stayed to our south and west.  

However our area did not escape completely unharmed. Some areas such as Hugo and Ada did have some damaging wind reports and saw some decent size hail. Power was out to some parts of the area as well.

We had some viewer pictures sent in to us from Ada and Hugo (thanks to Johnna Hinsley and Jason Holland), where you can see damage from a trailer home that was ripped apart in Ada and trees that were down around Hugo.

Lightning also was very evident from these storms as seen in photos taken from Daniel Hines around Whitesboro, TX.

In total 1 tornado warning was issued for Love county and 8 severe thunderstorm warnings were issued for Carter, Garvin, Coal, Hughes, Pontotoc, Choctaw, and Pittsburg counties last night.

With that only three wind reports were made and two hail reports officially from the National Weather Service as of Thursday night.

Nonetheless, the good news for the area from the storms was the beneficial rainfall.

Most areas got at least one, if not two or three inches.

With still a drought across parts of our area, crops like wheat and corn certainly needed the rain.

Ranchers appreciate the rain because it helps the grass grow to feed their livestock.

"Cattle is a big industry in Grayson county and you have to have grass if you are going to have cattle and the bermuda grass has come out of dominancy, its growing and this additional rain that it got is really going to help its growth," explains Chuck Jones, Grayson county's AgriLife Extension Agent.

Considering what happened south of us, our viewing area was very fortunate.