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Homes Damaged In Montague Co. After Tornadoes Reported


MONTAGUE COUNTY, TX -- Residents reported seeing tornadoes at different locations around the county, including two different areas where homes were damaged.

A tornado was reported near Belcherville around 5:30 p.m. on Wednesday, where trees were damaged on a ranch, and one man snapped a picture of the storm. At Lake Nocona, trees were also uprooted and we found one home badly damaged.

Residents in two different parts of Montague County tell us they believe tornadoes touched down in their neighborhood. Travis Skinner says he was watching television and it seemed like the storm was past him until he heard something outside and went to hide in the bathroom.

Skinner went outside to see the wall of his home caved in. His motor home flipped on its side, and everything from insulation to metal pieces from a shed were scattered everywhere.

Also in the Lake Nocona Estates neighborhood, huge trees were pulled up and broken down.

Across the county, we also found trees damaged on a ranch around Belcherville, where a roof on a metal building was blown away. The rancher says he and his son pulled up under a different overhang when they noticed hail coming down but soon that's not all they noticed.

He captured a picture of what he believes is a tornado that wound its way through the property. A nearby resident also caught the funnel cloud on tape.

There was also damage at a golf club near Bowie, and the Bowie News reported seven homes were damaged in that area, which is also near a lake. That's three different areas from Nocona to Bowie that were impacted. But luckily there were no reports of any deaths or serious injuries.