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A small Tornado in Pontotoc County Leaves Family Without Home


PONTOTOC COUNTY, OK-- A Texoma family is without a home after a small tornado passed through a Pontotoc County trailer park, Just two miles northwest of Ada.

A caught on camera by a resident shows an unexpected tornado that touched down in Pontotoc County Shortly before 7 p.m., leaving at least one family without a home.

Denise Burns was inside her home at the Sandy Creek Trailer Park asleep when her boyfriend tried to wake her up after getting worried about the strong winds. That's when the walls collapsed and one fell on top of her.

"I just thought this would never happen to me you know you know I just never thought it would happen," said Burns.

Burns was saved after her boyfriend lifted the wall off of her and she managed to walk away without a scratch. Her mother was inside the kitchen cooking dinner at the time, leaving everything behind to try and alert her daughter and take cover.

 "I knew there were going to be thunderstorms and rain but, I didn't expect a tornado," said Burns.

The Red Cross has stepped in to assist the family and have placed them in a hotel for three days until they move into a place.

Officials with the Pontotoc County Emergency Management said the tornado came out of nowhere.

"The National Weather Service had not put out additional weather warnings at that time and we saw no indication on the radars that we needed any kind of warning for the storm," said Chad Letellier with Pontotoc County Emergency Management.

Shanae Besley and her family are also temporally without a home after the storm caused major damage to their roof.

She describes the day as any other day, but when she woke up from a nap to strong winds she was terrified.

"Everybody was in the living room and they were all freaking out and I looked out the window and everything was flying around, and I looked across the way and I saw the trailer falling!"

Residents here said although the storm came without warning they are glad about one thing, no one was injured.

"we're all okay, everybody's ok, no one was injured," said James Burns.

The Red Cross is assisting both families.