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Fire Destroys House In Whitewright


WHITEWRIGHT, TX -- A Grayson County family is left wondering where they're going to live after fire destroyed their home. A walk in the neighborhood ended in horror for one family, when they realized their house was on fire.

Family members say they're devastated after they lost everything they owned in the fire. Tonight they're left not knowing which way to turn next.

As firefighters tried to save any last piece of her house, Whitewright resident Peggy Hill sat on her neighbor's porch, stunned. "I'm just in shock. Everything is gone," says Hill.

The call came in around 1 p.m. from the corner of Locust and Gardner that a house was on fire. "We arrived over here with Whitewright on scene, had a fire in the attic of this house that was reaching through the shiplap ceiling, above the roof line," says Tom Bean Fire Chief James Dixon.

"When I got here, it was coming out of the back of the house and then it started on the top and the front," says witness Samantha Schiler.

Neighbor Alice Shoemaker was worried as she drove home, and saw fire trucks headed to her block. She realized her neighbors, who lost their son in a car wreck, had now lost their house.

"I've known them for the last 20 something years. Their daddy owned the house first and then he let the daughter have it," says Shoemaker.

"My brother, who is her son, got killed in '08, and we only have the pictures that were in the house," says fire victim Holly Hill.

Firefighters sprayed water and even foam on the house but it was a total loss. The Hills say they were out walking their two Chihuahuas when a neighbor ran up to them and told them the house was burning.

"I heard a big pop and I looked to the north and seen fire coming out the back of the house," says witness Jeannett Gray.

Gray called 911 and told them there was nobody in the house because she'd seen the neighbor walk by. Then she went to get them.

"I told them, 'Get in the car, your house is on fire, come on!' and so they got in the car and we come back about 3 blocks," says Gray. "When we come up upon the house and the smoke they were pretty devastated and I told them everything would be okay, they had their pets, they had each other."

"I'm just thankful that we got out, that we wasn't home when it done it," says Peggy Hill. "All I've got is this."

Right now, neighbors are helping the family of three. Whitewright, Bells, and Tom Bean firefighters responded and there is no word on what caused the fire.