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UPDATE: Denison man says his stolen truck had dog inside



UPDATE -- A missing dog has been reunited with her owner in Denison. 

It's the warm welcome home Tim Wilkins had been waiting for weeks, but admits, as the days went by, he began to wonder if he'd ever see his pet Chihuahua again.

"I'm happy," Wilkins said. "I can't believe she made it back that far."

Two weeks ago, Wilkins says "Fancy" was asleep inside his pick-up truck when it was stolen from a friend's home in north Denison.

The next day the truck was found 20 miles away crashed into a pond east of Sherman.

The driver was gone, and so was the dog.

In the days following the wreck, the Wilkins family went door-to-door looking for "Fancy."

"I could see her tracks coming out of the mud, so I knew she was okay," Wilkins said.

They also began posting "missing dog" signs around town.

Then, Friday morning, a manager for a store called the "Tackle Box Too" near Grandpappy Point spotted "Fancy" when she pulled into work.

She was a block away from where the truck was stolen.

"I pulled up and I saw her right by the mailbox and I knew it was her automatically because, you now, I know the dog. I pulled up and I got out of the car and I called her and she was really scared," Manager Laci Callahan said.

"I guess she was going back to where she last seen me I guess," Wilkins said. "I'm happy. I can't believe she went that far."

While no one knows how rough the past two weeks have been on "Fancy," her owner says he believes where ever she went, it was animal instincts brought her back home.

"I couldn't believe it. I couldn't believe she's is as good of shape as she is," he said.

As for the stolen car, no arrests have been made.

DENISON -- A Denison man says his truck was stolen over the weekend with his dog still inside.

The truck was found crashed into a pond near Highway 82 and Mayes Road on Saturday morning. So far, no arrests have been made.

DPS says the driver was gone, and Tim Wilkins says so was his dog, a Chihuahua-mix named "Fancy."

Monday, the Wilkins family went door-to-door looking for "Fancy" in the area the truck was found.

He says he believes the thief had no idea a dog was inside the truck when it was taken.

"I guess she just was lying in the back seat and just laid there and probably thought it was me, at first. Then when she realized it wasn't me driving the truck she probably jumped on him and caused him to wreck," Wilkins said. He says the dog is black with a white neck and chest.

The family would like to hear from anyone who may have spotted "Fancy" at 580-579-3563 or 903-337-0709.