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Texoma High School Promotes Safe Driving


MADILL, OK-- Students at one Texoma high school got hands on experience on what it would feel like driving while intoxicated.

Rylee Hendricks is a senior at Madill High School and said driving with your vision impaired is a lot harder than she thought.

"I almost killed myself and some other people because I could not control it very well," said Hendricks.

Dozens of juniors and seniors took turns driving a simulator go cart and with the push of a button by the instructor, it delays the time making it difficult to make turns.

"The car we had to drive, she controlled it so we couldn't turn really, or it would turn left but it wouldn't turn right," said senior student Shadow Marris.

Passengers of the go cart wore goggles that impaired their vision as if they were intoxicated. Teachers and staff say after a tragic fatal accident involving a former high school student, they wanted to help educate the students about the importance of safe driving.

"Just to educate them and to make them aware of how dangerous driving under the influence can be and texting and driving or just distracted driving all together."

In addition to learning the importance of not drinking while driving, students also learned the importance of not texting while driving.

"Blind fold yourself at highway speeds and drive the distance of a football field, we would not typically do that, but we are doing that by responding or reading a text message," said Cpt. Mike Woodruff, Durant Police Department.

Cpt.  Woodruff said the number of accidents caused by people texting and driving is on the rise, a lesson one Madill senior has taken to heart.

"Driving scares me anyway and because I've known people that have died in car crashes, I really just don't want to," said Hendricks

Teachers said they hope Monday's lesson will help students make wiser decisions before getting behind the wheel.

The go cart was provided by the Choctaw nation, for more information on to get the presentation at your school, visit www.choctawnation.com