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Protest Held Outside College Graduation In Durant


DURANT, OK -- A Texoma activist group protested outside a local college graduation, and the participants say it's all about the fate of five disciplined students.

Three members of the NAACP Ardmore branch held signs at Southeastern Oklahoma State University on Saturday morning.

They say five senior football players who participated in a fake robbery prank on April Fools' night were denied having a lawyer at a committee hearing, which they believe violates the Administrative Procedure Act.

"She left it open for expulsion to be a possibility and according to the state law if there's a possible expulsion then that's when you have to afford the students some safeguards," says NAACP member Arlene Barnum.

One student was set to graduate today, and four more in December, but now they're being suspended for a year. They're appealing the decision. School officials say they can't comment due to a privacy law.