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Denison organ donor reunion


DENISON, TX - It's been almost 2 years since a Denison family lost their 13 year old daughter in a hit and run accident. Now her family says she's living on through a woman she never knew.

It's not often that organ donor recipients get to meet the family members of the person who saved their lives, but it happened in Denison.

Thirteen-year-old Jocelyn Roberts death was a tragic loss, but her family was overjoyed to meet a woman who's life she saved.

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Jocelyn Roberts has been gone for nearly 2 years now, but those who loved her say she lives on.

The living breathing proof stood in her grandparents yard on Friday.

"It was amazing, you know like I said, it was like it was like hugging my daughter again, knowing she's gone, but a part of her is still here," said Jocelyn's father, Sam Bryan Roberts.

"I was humbled to come here and meet them, and here they all were at the house waiting to meet me like I was a family member who had been gone a long time," said organ recipient, Cindy Scinto.

People who had never met before, brought together by a tragic loss.

Fifty-two-year-old year old Cindy Scinto is standing here today because she has Jocelyn's pancreas.

"It was an impossible situation and it really made them feel bad and it just broke my heart," said Scinto.

Five years after a heart transplant, Scinto's pancreas started to shut down.

She was told she would die without a transplant, and sadly it needed to come from a child.

"It's a great feeling, just to know that she was able to help someone else in her tragedy," said Jocelyn's Uncle, Brandon Roberts.

"How we met that was just a blessing from God.. It was just meant for us to meet and that's why all of this happened because it was just meant to be," said Sam Bryan.

A healing reunion that brings a bit of solace for this family, and for Scinto.

"There's not many ways for somebody to understand what it's like to lose somebody so amazing and then meet somebody who's alive and can still live on."

"Miss Cindy is my family, she's a part of my family now."

The National Network of Organ Donors says every 11 minutes another person is listed for a transplant in the United States.

That's 130 people every day.

The number who die waiting for organs is even more staggering.

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