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Graffiti Vandals Caught on Tape in Ardmore


ARDMORE, OK-- Employees of an Ardmore restaurant noticed graffiti on their building this week.

The manager at Little Caesars on North Commerce Street said when he looked back at surveillance video, he saw two men marking on the walls of his restaurant shortly after 5 a.m. Tuesday.

Ardmore police said they believe the suspects marked about 6 businesses between the 600 blocks of north commerce to the 300 blocks of 12 street NW.

Police said not only are they investigating the vandalism's they're also looking into whether or not the symbols are gang related. The business manager said if it is gang related.  He hopes it's taken seriously.

"It may be kids trying to get into a gang, but still you have to take it serious as a business owner," said General Manager Gordon Stellpflug.

Police are still investigating and right now have two suspects they believe may be responsible.