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Scammers target Denison business owner battling cancer


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DENISON -- "I'm mad, really mad," Buffy Hanson said. Getting her upset is something her friends say is tough to do.

Despite being diagnosed with breast cancer in January, somehow she's able to maintain a smile while running a successful cupcake business in downtown Denison.

"I'm on my fifth round of chemo. One more, then I am scheduled for a 14-hour surgery in June," she said.

But what has Hanson so heated started with information a friend gave her earlier this week.

"A personal friend contacted me and said ‘Hey, there were a couple girls that came to my door on your behalf asking for money.' And, I said what?"

Hanson says she now knows several times over the past month, two small children have gone door-to-door on Holland Drive and Haven Circle in Denison, claiming to be collecting cash donations for her cancer treatment. "Apparently the mother is following them in the car," she said.

Hanson says, once, the children wore T-shirts she sells at her store. Another time, she says they claimed they were with a local non-profit called Women Rock.

"They had mentioned the name Women Rock, and, so I called the lady who heads up Women Rock. No, they weren't involved. There's no money to come from it."

Jeannette Kopko is with the Dallas Better Business Bureau.

She says the BBB receives thousands of complaints from consumers each year who unknowingly fall for scamming door-to-door solicitors.

"I think if someone comes to your door and you feel any type of high pressure, or they need you to decide right away, or they're evasive if you ask questions or if they don't have any written material explaining who they are, what they're collection funds for, those would all be more signs to be more careful," Kopko said.

Hanson, meantime, says she has filed a report with Denison police and says if she can fight cancer, she can handle scammers, too.