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School Bonds Up For Vote In Tom Bean And Ivanhoe


TOM BEAN, TX -- North Texas voters will go to the polls on Saturday, and those here will consider a $10 million dollar bond issue that calls for part of the school to be demolished.

Some people don't  want schools to get extra money, while others believe that it's time for a change. From Whitesboro, to Ivanhoe, and Tom Bean, voters in several districts will each decide whether to build.

It is a patchwork of buildings that includes a gym built the 1930's, but the school superintendent in Tom Bean says it just doesn't work in 2013.

"Our electricity and infrastructure is just not conducive anymore to the educational needs of our kids today," says superintendent Kathy Garrison.

That is why school officials want to demolish most of the elementary school and build new, except for the two classroom wings nearest the road. But some residents don't agree.

"We don't need a castle, we need good teachers, good education, and I'm not worried about the building, so much as the education system," says resident Virginia Whitworth.

"I thought they were going to close this one if they got that new one out there and they didn't do it," says another resident.

The $10 million bond would include adding seven new classrooms for the school's more than 300 students.

"It will also put all of our students under one building and provide entrances and exits that are safe, fire alarm systems, surveillance systems," says Garrison.

"The elementary school needs improvements, the gym's old, and all the kids deserve a new school," says resident Melody Robinson.

Tom Bean is not the only school on the ballot Saturday. Sherman and several other towns have school board races and at Sam Rayburn I.S.D. in Fannin County, there is a $6 million bond on the ballot.

"I think it would improve the school a lot, but some of the things I just don't see as being necessary," says resident Misty Davis.

"We've got classroom additions for the elementary with a science lab, classroom addition for the high school with a science lab, update our junior high lab," says superintendent Jeff Irvin. "It also includes moving the office from the middle of the high school to the front for safety purposes."

The bond would also include a new track, tennis courts, and batting cage, along with a new ag building, Irvin said. For a $100,000 home, the projected tax increase for the bonds is $17 a month in Ivanhoe and $12 a month in Tom Bean, officials said.

Many Texas towns have some type of measure on Saturday and voting will be from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.