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2 Garvin Co. Men Arrested for Several Burglaries


GARVIN COUNTY, OK-- Investigators in Garvin County have arrested two suspects they believe are responsible for several burglaries in the area over the last month.

 Sherrie Black said she was surprised to find out that the quiet street she lives on in Garvin County had been burglarized.  She said she'll now think twice about leaving her doors unlocked while she's home.

 "I'm surprised, I mean I hadn't heard anything about it for there to have been several," said Black.
"Now I'll pay more attention to locking our doors. It tends to be safe here so I'm not really afraid, but just need to pay more attention!"

21-year old Derrick Taylor and 22-year old Brandon Hughes were arrested last week. The two have been charged with burglaries of residential homes, shop buildings and cars.

Investigators believe the two are responsible for multiple burglaries.

"We noticed a pattern coming up with the direction of where the burglaries were occurring at," said Lt. J.R Williams

Lt. Williams also said that it's possible the two men did not work alone. He said they're currently investigating other suspects.

 "No neighbors noticed any strange vehicles parked anywhere so we believe that there was somebody involved that would drop them off and pick them after the burglaries were committed," said Lt. Williams.

One of the victim's daughters didn't want to go on camera, but she did confirm that the family did not know the suspects. Garvin county investigators said that the suspects may have known some of their victims.

 Hughes posted bond for $5,000 and has been released. Taylor remains in the Garvin County jail on $25,000.