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Water Tanker Overturns in Marshall County


MARSHALL COUNTY, OK- Troopers said speed may have been a factor in a tanker truck accident in Marshall County. The driver said he's glad to walk away unharmed after his semi hauling a water tanker overturned

Neighbor Ronny McCracken said he wasn't surprised to find out that a semi-truck carrying a water tanker overturned down the street from his home.     

He said he's lived on Cumberland rd. in Marshall County for more than 15 years now and although the speed limit is 25 mph, he said no one ever goes that slow.

"They use it like a speedway, these oil fill trucks are running in here all the time of the day and evening and I'm surprised we haven't had a wreck before now," said McCracken.

Investigators said the semi turned over when the driver tried to make a right turn onto Cumberland rd. from Cumberland Vine rd.

The driver didn't want to appear on camera but he says he's been with the Texas-based Transco Company for several years now and this is the first time he's had an accident.

OHP trooper Ronnie Hampton said it's not a first for the company. In fact he said it's the second time this week that a truck from the same company overturned.

"Several incidences that have happened state wide and joining states so we may be dealing with a training issue here," said Cpt. Hampton. "We're going to have our folks get with the companies representatives and maybe see if we can't find a way to keep that from happening in the future," said Cpt. Hampton.

The driver said he was carrying 135-gallons of water, but usually holds about 170. He claims that's what caused the truck to flip and land in a ditch.

The driver and his partner who was riding behind him in another vehicle both say speed was not a factor. Something resident McCracken said sounds suspicious.

"I can't understand how a truck going 25 mph overturned, but I guess stranger things have happened," said McCracken.