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One Man Shot And Killed After Threatening Park Ranger's Life


ATOKA COUNTY, OK -- A man is dead after authorities say he threatened a park ranger's life.  OSBI is investigating an officer-involved shooting over the weekend that left one man dead.

A swim beach inside McGee Creek State Park in Stringtown turned into a crime scene late Saturday night. OSBI says a park ranger identified as Justin Young approached 30-year-old David Maher in the Buster Hight area after campers said Maher was acting strangely and causing a disturbance.  

Investigators say Maher refused to cooperate, ran to his car in this parking lot, then tried to run over the ranger.  

That's when OSBI says young started shooting hitting Maher at least once.  He died at the Atoka County Medical Center.  We were just closing up at the time.  

Isacc Moreland owns a convenience store just outside the park.  He says he saw ambulances pass by Saturday night.

"It wasn't until the next day when we talked to people that across the road that said that they had heard a pop pop sound and then a horn honking."

Moreland says Maher and a woman claiming to be his fiance stopped at his store over the weekend.  

He says when she came in Sunday she was alone and left a message for anyone asking what happened.

"Well she come in buying cigarettes and i asked her if she had heard anything... About what was going on... And she turned white ... And said that her fiance.. Had been shot... She said its nobody's business but she wanted to tell me because people would be asking me."

After OSBI's investigation is complete The Oklahoma department of parks and recreation will conduct an internal review.

That's all standard procedure for an officer-involved shooting. In the meantime, the department says young will be on administrative leave.