Kingston makes first State Tournament in 25 years - - No One Gets You Closer

Kingston makes first State Tournament in 25 years


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KINGSTON, OK -- The last time the Redskin baseball team qualified for a state tournament, no one on the roster was even born. Now 25 years later they have a title on their minds.

"It's been pretty intense. It's something I haven't been a part of ever and it's been pretty awesome to go around town and people ask you how baseball is going and telling you they're going to come watch you and they have no idea who you are," senior Jake Patterson said.

The boys of summer are now the kings of Kingston, but it didn't come without labor.

"The kids put in a lot of work. We've been hitting at 6:45 in the morning most mornings," head coach Darren Henson said. "A lot of hours and over the last year and a half we really have gained a lot of confidence and just gotten better and better and the kids at this point really believe in themselves."

They've had a tough run playing against several contenders all over the state, still finishing with a 24-9 record and winning a conference championship for the first time in school history.

That should have them battle tested for Thursday.

"We feel like our schedule and strength of schedule and being able to be competitive in those games will allow us to go up there and be really competitive," added Henson.

"It just gave us the confidence that we can play with tough opponents and really anybody and that no matter who it is that we can play Kingston baseball and hopefully win," added Patterson.

It'll be a different stage with only eight teams left, but coach Henson says if they play out by out, they'll put themselves in a good position to bring home the first state championship in any sport since 1980

"It's still 90 foot bases, 60 feet to the mound and concentrate on us and not really worry about the situation and results of those situations. But just execute the game, play clean, throw strikes, play defense and be competitive out at the plate," he concluded.