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Possible Change in Speed Along Highway 56 in Front of Sherman High School


SHERMAN, TX -- The speed limit in front of one local school has some people concerned. Highway 56 in front of Sherman High School has a speed limit of 55 mph then drops to 40 mph at the school with no school speed zone in place.

A few months a go, a concerned parent went to Sherman school officials regarding the speed limit in front of the high school.

"We did look into it, we talked to staff members of TxDOT; we talked to staff members at the City of Sherman and they have worked very well with us," explains Dr. Al Hambrick, Sherman's Superintendent.

The current speed limit along highway 56 heading west before the high school is 55 mph.  The speed does drop to 40 mph at the school but there is no school zone in place.  

City managers were able to get TxDOT to conduct a speed test along that stretch of highway.

"They go out and do traffic counts and observe how many pedestrians they have, how many people are turning left, right, what the average speed of the driver is and they use that to access what speed limits are prudent to set along that section of the roadway," explains Clay Barnett, Sherman's City Engineer.

"With the entrance and exits of students and staff that we have there {we did determine} that a lower speed limit could certainly make it a lot safer," says Dr. Hambrick.

Officials have recommended a speed reduction of 50 mph on the east side of the high school, extending the 40 mph speed zone and implementing a new school speed zone that would drop the speed limit to 25 mph during necessary school times.

"They asked us to petition the state to change the speed limits. We did that and its been a process of getting the data collected and the study done and now we are just passing the final ordinance to create a speed zone in front of the school," explains Barnett.

If the new speed change is past, it would be implemented by August before the next school year begins.