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Two Elderly Love Co. Residents Found Dead In Field


LOVE COUNTY, OK -- Some hunters made a shocking discovery last night, and now the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation is trying to solve a possible double homicide.

Off a gravel road, a disturbing find from Friday night had family and friends grieving on Saturday. "I'm in a state of shock," said a woman who identifies herself as a victim's fiancee, Sandra.

"We have a double homicide we are assisting the Love County Sheriff's Office. We have a brother and a sister who were found on their property last night just after 10:30 p.m. by hunters," says OSBI spokeswoman Jessica Brown.

Thomas "Sonny" Culwell, 79, and his sister Marion Culwell, 80, were both found dead. Now, the investigation is underway to figure out what happened, Brown said.

"I don't know what to think about any of it. This community's just kind of in a daze," says neighbor Lynn Davis.

Investigators say the Culwells were apparently working outdoors at the time of their death. "The two were clearing a fence line on their property and that's why they were there yesterday," says Brown.

"How'd you know something had happened?" KTEN asked. "Because he didn't come home at dark like usual," says Sandra.

Now, those in this quiet area between Rubottom and Wilson who have heard about the deaths want to know why their neighbors on Stockton Road met this sudden end.

"They were two of the nicest people that I've ever known and I don't know of an enemy that they've ever had," says Davis. "They were just two older people that's lived over there all of their lives and they were born and both raised there and other than that, they've just been a friend and neighbor all of my life."

The bodies of the two victims will be likely sent to Oklahoma City for an autopsy and the medical examiner will determine the official cause of death, Brown said.

The case hits home at the Love County Sheriff's Office, where a former longtime county dispatcher is related to the victims. We weren't able to reach the sheriff for comment on Saturday afternoon.