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Future of Pointe Vista project in question


KINGSTON, OK -- The developer for a $500 million project at Lake Texoma State Park says they need more time to complete a massive overhaul of the area.

Friday, several state and local lawmakers held a public meeting to discuss the status of the project. Point Vista took over ownership of the park in 2007 and agreed to build a hotel and convention center, among other projects.

The deal included a deadline for "substantial completion" of the hotel by May 2014.
In recent months, lawmakers and residents questioned whether that deadline would be met because they weren't seeing any construction.

Now we know why.

In an April letter to Governor Mary Fallin and the Commisioners of the Land Office, Pointe Vista COO said while the company has made progress, he blamed the delays, in part, on the nations' financial crisis.

The letter stated he will discuss the possibility of extending certain development deadlines in a meeting with Governor Fallin and the CLO. The meeting was scheduled for April 29.

CLO members attended Fridays public meeting at Kingston Elementary.

"For point vista's purposes, I think they owe this community some answers in terms of when they're going to start. Being able to have a $50-60 million facility, a 4-star facility substantially complete by may 2014, they're going to have to start very soon," State Senator Josh Brecheen said.

"I think that people are reasonably frustrated. They expected for this to be further along than it is today. And I mean, I think that's understandable," Secretary of Agriculture and CLO member Jim Reese said.

It's unclear when a decision on a deadline extension will be made.