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Open house for two Little Dixie Self-Help Homes


CARTER COUNTY, OK--It's every Americans dream to own their own home and Friday Morning that dream came true for two Carter County Oklahoma Families.

 New homeowner Linda martin tries to hold back tears as she expresses the joy she is feeling about her new home. She said her father was a contractor and he taught her a lot about how to build a home.

Something she said she's grateful for because she couldn't have built her new home without the knowledge her father gave her.

"Being in this program and doing this house really is emotional!" said Martin. If I did not shadow him as a child and growing up, I could not have done some of the things that I did in this house"

The Little Dixie Community Action Program has been around for more than 35 years, bringing dream homes to low income families all over Southeast Oklahoma.

First time homeowners Regina and Paul Tucker said they didn't think they would be eligible, but they applied anyway and when they were approved, they were overjoyed.

 "When we found out we were approved, that was the first stomach turn of excitement," said Regina Tucker.

To help lower the cost of construction for the families band help them save on a down payment. The program requires the future homeowners to put in several hours helping to build their homes, something both families said was worth it.

"To know you're a part of it the day they scrap the ground, is the most wonderful feeling," said Regina Tucker.

Program Director Terri Harless said any low income family can apply but they must meet certain criteria

"To actually qualify we are first looking at income, they must be income eligible, meeting income guideline, and then they must be credit worthy," said Harless

For more information on how you can apply, call their Ardmore office at (580) -226-3030, or visit their website at