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Texoma Firefighter Returns Home After Serving Overseas


DENISON, TX--- A soldier returning from his second tour of duty was given a warm welcome home this afternoon. Today, Denison firefighter Billy Mullens returned back to work for the first time.

"It feels really great to be home and it feels really great to be back at work," Mullens said.

Mullens was deployed for eleven months before returning to the states in April.
A solider in the National Guard, he left for training for his second tour of duty last May before arriving in Afghanistan last August.

"He's a very dedicated person," Denison Assistant Fire Chief Bill Ray said. "He feels like it was his duty to go over there as an American and I think he fulfilled that quite well."

Mullens served in the Quick Reaction Force (QFR).

"If something happened, or something needed to be done, we were the first ones who would go out there and we were on call for 24 hours after that," Mullens said.

While he was serving our country, his fellow firefighters missed him, but tried to stay in touch as much as they could.

"While he was gone, he was actually a guest speaker," Mark Escamilla said. "Some mornings we would FaceTime on our shift during a meeting and he would join us."

Last month, he was reunited with his wife and daughters.

"There hasn't been a day that's gone by that I was home where I didn't have one or both of them in my lap playing," Mullens said. "I've really enjoyed that."

This afternoon, the Denison Fire Department celebrated his return on his first day back to work by having a lunch for him.

"Everybody is glad to have him back,"Escamilla said. "Believe it or not, he went around this morning and gave everybody a big old hug. I think he missed us more."

Mullens said now that he's back home he has some training to catch up on and that he's enjoying many of life's simple pleasures such as fishing, yard work and hot showers.