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Green thumbs prepare plants for freezing temperatures in May


DENISON -- Record low temperatures expected overnight Thursday is not good news for green thumbs.

A flower delivery at Twin Oaks Nursery was wheeled straight inside Thursday, along with thousands of other plants typically on tables outside the Denison business.

Owner Bryan Graham says keeping them from freezing is not a precaution he's ever had to take, in May.

"I'm not sure we've ever seen temperatures this cold, this late in the season," he said.

By this time of year, Graham says most people's vegetable and flower gardens are already in the ground.

But the up-and-down temperatures lately, he says has some green thumbs seeing red.

"Some people have actually planted tomatoes and this is their third time of having to plant tomatoes because they've lost them due to the freezes," he said. "It's very frustrating."

Other Texoma homeowners aren't taking any chances. Several plants were covered by mid-afternoon at homes throughout Denison.

Graham says covering plants with a light sheet or a frost blanket will keep them a few degrees warmer than the temperatures outside.

"Just in case they're in a low-lying area, in case the wind stops, in case the clouds go away; those are all indicators that we're going to have a little bit colder temperatures," Graham said.

In addition to plants possibly taking a hit in this latest round of winter weather, Graham says sales may, too.

He says "hot one day, cold the next weather" has customers hesitant to spend a lot of green.

Jack Vanness and his wife purchased a few flowers but before they're planted, he says he'll wait until the cold snap passes.

"We'll plant them in a couple days. [The] sun will come back out and hopefully, winter will be over with," Vanness said.