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Bonham Day Care Shuts Down Amid Investigation


BONHAM, TX -- A day care has shut down and police are investigating an allegation of abuse of one of the children cared for at the home.

The small home-based day care is not licensed by the state of Texas, but the state is getting involved. There were no children at the home on Thursday morning.

The state has asked them to close down while they look into what's going on. There's also a criminal investigation into the couple that runs the day care out of a home on West 7th Street.

A Bonham house where children often play sits quiet. Officers are investigating an  allegation of sexual abuse involving a four-year-old girl by an employee at Angel Safe Child Care, Police Chief Mike Bankston said.

"They have kids running in and out all day long, they have teenage kids coming in too all the way down to toddlers. They're there on a daily basis from maybe 8 a.m.  through school all day long, they have kids there," says neighbor Robert Wagner.

The Child Care Licensing division at the Department of Family and Protective Services is investigating allegations of inadequate or inappropriate supervision, according to an agency spokeswoman.

No one answered the door when we stopped by on Thursday. Police say the investigation is ongoing. Meantime, some neighbors say they're surprised by the allegations.

"The day care being there doesn't bother me, but obviously if something's going on we wouldn't want that in our neighborhood," says neighbor Sandy Sumrall.

"I know the person that lives there, I don't think they would do that to anybody.  honestly," says area resident Justin Kreitel.

While the investigation is underway, the state says as of April 21, officials have asked the day care operator Tarran Duncan to stop caring for children. 

"I just don't trust anybody else other than my family and my close friends because things like that do happen," says neighbor Jennifer Boze.

Bankston says no arrests have been made. The day care is on the category of "listed family home" considered to have one to three unrelated children, which is not officially inspected, licensed or registered with the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services.