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Computer Glitch Delays Testing in Oklahoma


ARDMORE, OK-- Thousands of students across Oklahoma will have to re-take their state test after a computer glitch during Monday and Tuesday's testing.

Testing at Ardmore high school began as normal Monday, but when a computer glitch interrupted the state test known as the EOI students were kicked offline in the middle of testing and students had to wait at least an hour and a half before they could resume testing.

"Whenever we had to wait so long I felt like I couldn't remember what I had read already and so once it got started back up, it was kind of hard for me to get back into the groove of testing," said Childs.

Erika Childs is a student at Ardmore high school. She said the experience had everyone on edge. She said she's even more frustrated because she and several other students have to wait until next week to finish their testing.

"I was upset because I wanted to get my test over with this week and now I have to keep preparing until next week so that's frustrating," said Childs.

 The State Department of Education said students will be graded on the work they completed before the stoppage.

If they had passing scores, they won't have to retake the test. If their scores weren't high enough to pass, they'll have to do it again.

Ardmore high school Principal Kim Holland said that's not fair.

"Anytime you have to repeat a test you can plan on the scores going down a little bit because these folks feel like they have already done it a time," said Holland.
 Students were required to remain quiet and in testing mode while they waited for a solution to the problem. Holland said he's proud of the way students and teachers conducted themselves.

"No tears until they got their scores back, especially for a few of those students, it was their second time taking the test," said Holland.

Holland said the students that will have to re-test will also be given an option to take the test in the summer.