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Who am I? Part Two


FANNIN COUNTY, TX - After finding out she was kidnapped as a toddler, one woman's life long search for her biological father brings her to Texoma.

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For years she tried to convince herself that they were her mom and dad, but in her heart, 45 year old Angela always knew the truth. They were her kidnappers. 

"Not knowing who I am, not wondering if anybody is even looking for me, that type thing has weighed heavy on me all my life," said Angela.

After the woman who kidnapped her admitted to taking her from a relatives house in Dallas when she was very young, Angela set out to find her real parents.

Years of searching finally led her to Fannin County and R. L. Krase.

R. L. says once they started talking on the phone, he was pretty sure she was his long lost daughter Angela Dee.

"Well I don't know, I kind of feel like I did all I could do I mean you know I'm not a detective, I didn't have police connections back then," said Krase.

R. L. says Angela's mother had been in and out of the hospital, when she finally lost her battle with leukemia.

Their daughter Angela Dee, was staying with her grandparents while R. L. was on the road.

He came home and found she had been kidnapped by a couple visiting the next door neighbors.

She was about a year old.

Angela says this is a picture of that couple.

Over the years she says she's had about 15 different names.

She says they moved her around a lot, and each time the couple would give her and the other kids new identities.

"You're gonna go by this name and you're going to keep your mouth shut, you know that you're the reason that we're having to pick up and be moved every time you make these accusations that you're kidnapped."

But that's not all.

Angela recalls seeing this couple try to sell her and other kids over the years.

In her teens, she ran away from the couple, and spent a lot of time staying with friends.

Soon after she began searching for her real family.

After about 2 decades of chasing leads with false hope, Angela says she thinks the search has finally ended.

Though she believes Krase is her father she wanted to get a DNA test to confirm it.

And the results confirmed what R. L. and Angela say they already knew.

They are in fact father and daughter.

"I feel a lot better than I would if I hadn't have found her, you know because I was still thinking about her," said R. L.

"I still have a very big hole to fill, because there's a lot of unanswered questions, that I just have a hard time believing that there's no truth to," Angela said.

Though she may never have all the answers she wants about her past, she plans to keep moving forward with her future.

The next step is getting a birth certificate, and a social security card, but down the road she wants to do more.

"I know what it's like to be out there lost, I truly do."

Forty-five year old, Angela Krase, plans to dedicate the second half of her life to helping other kidnapping victims find themselves.

Angela tells us the man in the couple passed away several years ago, but the woman is still living and she plans to pursue legal action against her.