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Who am I? Part One


FANNIN COUNTY, TX - A lifetime of searching for her true identity leads one woman to a Texoma town and a family she hopes is hers.

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It was a day R. L. Krase thought would never come. More than 4 decades of anticipation building up, as he waited for flight 542 to land.

"I'm pretty sure that she's my daughter and really excited that she can finally come home," said Krase.

And then she arrived. The woman who had been looking for him for most of her life. The woman he believes could be his long lost daughter.

45 year old Angela has spent her entire life not really knowing who she is or where she came from.

But after years of searching, It was Facebook that first led her to a brother, then to the man she believes is her biological father.

"I realized that he looks a lot like me and it was like I finally found my dad," Angela said.

An emotional reunion for this whole family, but it's just one piece of a puzzle that's still a mystery, next comes the DNA test, a test they all hope will end this search and give way to a new beginning.

There were many hugs, laughs and tears as they caught up on lost years, while ordering a DNA test kit online.

"Did you think you guys favor each other? Yeah, we have the same eyes, except for this nose hahaha."

It's taken many years for Angela to get to this point, but how did she get separated from her family in the first place?

Angela says she was kidnapped by a couple who tried to sell kids.

"Several of the other kids who were kidnapped with me, they were 2 or 3 years older than me, they would always shake me and tell me don't forget you were kidnapped from Texas."

Angela doesn't remember being kidnapped, but R. L. says that's because she was only about a year old.

"I was on the road and I was coming in and she passed away, and some people was visiting from Colorado and they borrowed her to go take kid pictures and they took off with her."

It all started around 1970.

Angela's mother was in and out of the hospital battling leukemia, when Angela was kidnapped from her grandparents neighborhood.

R. L. says police reports were filed, but we could not track them down to confirm.

"I put up posters and everything, everywhere I could find to put them up, so I feel like I did all that I could," said Krase.

R. L. is the fourth man Angela has tracked down over the years for DNA testing, but this time she says she has no doubt she's found her father.

For now, they wait for the DNA test results, and hope for the best.