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Texoma Highway Accidents on the Rise


JOHNSTON COUNTY, OK-  One Texoma highway is the scene of an accident for the second time this week.

Toni Hoagland has lived in Johnston County for about nine years now and said she's driven on highway 78 plenty of times.  

Although it was the scene of an accident for the second time this week, she said it's not the highway but the people that are to blame.

"You have to be careful and you have to slow down there's a lot of flat lands, a lot of wind, and a lot of curves. Just go slow!" Hoagland Said. "It's not dangerous at all, it's the people that make it dangerous!"

Yet this highway has had three people airlifted in critical condition twice in one week. A wreck on the intersection of highway 78 and 22 happened Monday morning and another wreck on highway 78 Tuesday morning just south of Nida.

Ashley Hampton is an OHP trooper and says it's not just this highway that can be a problem.

"Highways with no shoulders or curves that intersect with other highways can be very problematic. There's nowhere to go when you meet somebody, you're going to go in a ditch or hit them head on," said Hampton.

Hampton said the woman involved in Tuesday's accident claimed she was blind-sided by the lights of a motorcycle and so she drove off to the right of the highway and then overcorrected when trying to get back on.

Something Hampton said wasn't the best solution.

"I would say slow down, you can flash your lights at them, but the best thing to do is to just start slowing down because they're going to blind you," said Hampton.

OHP troopers said summertime is the time where most accidents occur and they said make sure to wear a seat belt, drive slow, and never drink and drive.

Trooper Hampton said even though it's the second accident this week on highway 78, It's only the second accident she's ever worked on that highway since she started working with the highway patrol four years ago.