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Dozens of manufacturing jobs coming back to Bonham


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BONHAM, TX -- In a town flanked by family-owned pharmacies and old-fashioned barber shops, new businesses -- like the one announced in Bonham on Tuesday -- don't come along very often.

About two dozen businesspeople, local leaders and Bonhan residents attended the ribbon cutting for Trans Cable International.

"Bonham is a small town. It needs jobs so I think it's going to be good here," Bonham resident Billie Rife said.

TCI will use much of the equipment already inside its new building to manufacture low voltage cable wires.

The facility used to be home to another cable-maker that shut down several years ago.

It left dozens of Bonham residents out of work but Mayor Roy Floyd says former employees have the skill set to fill the new positions.

"We've got several people who still have cable experience, making cable, that are here in Bonham, Texas who need jobs," Floyd said. "It's really neat for Bonham and all of north Texas."

Floyd says TCI was originally looking to put their business in Mexico until the deal with the building's owner came through at the last minute.

"If they're here, they're successful, they're going to be here for years and years," building owner Rick Narang said.

TCI says it plans to hire about 35 new employees over the next couple years. Twenty will be hired by this time next year. The remaining 15 will be hired during a second phase in 2014.

"Approximately half a dozen of them will be professional positions," COO Jeff Almendinger said.

The company says it'll open October 1.

Anyone interested in working there can apply at TCI's offices located at 200 E. Second St.