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Authorities say teen fatal accidents increase in the summer


MADILL, OK - Two Texoma teens died in crashes in just the last few days and authorities say it's the time of year when the number of teen fatalities can easily start to rise.


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As friends and family gather to grieve for the loss of a young life.

OHP Troopers are hoping to send life saving warnings out to parents and teens alike.

It can happen in an instant, faster than a blink of an eye, everything can change.

"I couldn't believe it, there's no way on God's green earth I could believe it."

"It was devastating, and I knew I lost a good friend."

In just the past few days, tragic accidents claimed the lives of 2 Texoma teens.

On Saturday 19 year old, Skylar Briley, died in a head on collision on Highway 70 near Mead.

And just the day before on the other side of the Red River, Howe High School Senior, John Wesley McDonough, died when troopers say he was speeding down Bennett Road and his car flipped.

"They don't recognize the dangerous situations that can happen so quickly," said OHP Trooper, Ashley Hampton.

OHP Troopers say it happens every year when it starts getting warmer and they want parents to be aware.

"With teenagers, this time of year there's graduation there's prom, they are going out and doing things with their friends now, going to the lake," said Hampton.

Troopers say they often see the most dangerous infractions from teens including tail gaiting, speeding, texting and drinking and driving.

"There is a higher risk for them, they are inexperienced young drivers and usually the crashes happen within the first few months of driving," Hampton said.

But a little precaution can go a long way. Troopers say talk to your teens. Tell them to wear their seat belts, don't speed or tailgate, put down the phone when behind the wheel, and never ride with an intoxicated driver.

"He was a really careful driver he really was, and it was his biggest fear, he didn't want to hurt anybody."

The "Graduated Driver License" program is something troopers really recommend parents looking into.

It's designed to give new teen drivers time to improve their skills over time in lower risk environments. Visit the links below for Texas and Oklahoma GDL information.