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Head-On Crash Kills Teenager In Bryan County


BRYAN COUNTY, OK -- A Marshall County teenager died behind the wheel and two others were injured in a head-on crash that happened in the middle of Highway 70 near Mead.

The noise from the crash that killed a teenager sent people rushing to see what happened. "It sounded like an explosion, but I guess it was the two vehicles hitting," says witness Ann Nation.

According to OHP, Skylar Briley, 19, of Madill, died at the scene. In the other truck from Fiberglass Services of Oklahoma City, William Mays, 21, of Madill and Earl Pool, 35, of Oklahoma City, were injured.

Neighbor Ann Nation was expecting her son, who also drives a white pickup truck, but realized it was not his. "I just saw them sitting over there on the side of the road and the pickup truck smoke was just boiling from it way up into the sky," says Nation.

"The white pickup was traveling eastbound and for unknown reasons traveled into oncoming traffic on the westbound lanes, resulting in the casualty of the driver in the white pickup," says OHP Trooper Colby Murray.

The crash led Highway 70 to be blocked off or closed down to one lane it was only after a couple hours that they were able to get the accident out of the way and re-open the road to traffic.

"A lot of cops and a wreck so I decided to pull over here at my uncle's place," says driver Wanda Summerville.

"We was back in the back shop and could hear it," says neighbor Bradley Rowland.

In a nearby restaurant, waiter David Smith heard the bang around 10:45 a.m. and saw the ambulance and fire trucks pull up, and then a helicopter.

"Airmed Lifeteam, they came in and landed and they were here for probably about 30 minutes and they loaded up somebody and took off," says Smith.

"It was one huge bang," says witness Charlie Philpot. Soon, nothing was left at the spot where the crash happened, but those who saw it won't soon forget.    

"Makes me a little more cautious now when I'm driving up and down this highway to look for people that are coming from gas stations or turning," says Smith.

"It makes you want to pay more attention," says Rowland. A 13-year-old riding in the Fiberglass truck was not injured. Briley was not wearing a seatbelt and speed does not appear to be a factor in the accident, Murray said.