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Denison Cancer Victim Remembered By Friends

DENISON, TX -- Friends of a teenager who died of leukemia want to do something in her memory, and they are focusing their efforts on an upcoming Relay For Life event.

Grayson College student and aspiring nurse Jessica Hall died last week following a battle that started at age seven.

School friends who watched her fight the disease say they are dedicating their Relay for Life team of Cigna colleagues to her, and also making T-shirts to raise funds for the event.

Hall went into remission twice, but the cancer returned. She was 19. "She had just gotten a bone marrow transplant like the week before, and they thought that was going to put her back into remission, but then she passed," says friend Charlee Nunley.

Grayson County's Relay for Life will be held at Denison High School on May 17. It benefits the American Cancer Society.