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Sherman Mother Looks For Answers About Sick Baby


SHERMAN, TX -- For most couples, finding out there's a new baby on the way is exciting, and double the excitement if it is twins. But one family watched as the children arrived, and it turned out one of them was sick.

Just when the parents start to have hope, another problem turns up. The baby underwent successful heart surgery, but now he won't eat properly. Meantime, exactly what's ailing him remains a mystery.

Sherman resident Angela Evangelist says she has a 20-year-old and a 10-year-old, but wanted more children. After undergoing in vitro fertilization, she found a double blessing was in store. "I was thrilled to find out it was twins and the pregnancy went great," says Evangelist.

The fraternal twin brothers were born in October, but she soon discovered that one was in trouble. "That he had three holes in his heart, that he had a brain bleed, he has a lot of what they call dysmorphic features, his ears, his face was asymmetrical," says Evangelist.

After waiting for Beckem to grow enough for surgery, doctors in Dallas repaired three holes in his heart last month. "We got to come home and then he stopped eating just completely quit and we couldn't even wake him up to eat," says Evangelist.

"That's been a lot of the struggle is trying to find something he can eat because with whatever's going on with him he can't tolerate certain foods," says grandmother Doris Mansell.

Even with health insurance, the bills can be difficult to handle, including medications, but Evangelist says now some friends are organizing a poker run to help benefit little Beckem. "It's just absolutely unbelievable and the biggest blessing," says Evangelist.

Beckem has trouble with formulas, but a friend's breast milk seems to work, however, doctors may still put in a feeding tube soon. Evangelist is waiting on a diagnosis, but suspects the boy has something called a congenital disorder of glycosylation.

"They struggle with eating it seems, they struggle with low muscle tone, so they may never walk," says Evangelist.

"They repaired his heart and basically we're just waiting to find out the results of tests they're doing," says Mansell.

Angelist says she has been told the in vitro fertilization was not at fault and it appears to be a genetic disorder. She has found a Facebook group where parents discuss the disorder, and a genetic test is pending.

The bikers will leave at 10 a.m. on Saturday at Catfish Bay Marina near Kingston and the cost is $20 per hand.