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Staff trained for disaster at Grayson College


DENISON -- Burns, broken limbs and bodies mimic what it might really look like if an explosion happened on-campus at Grayson College.

The staged scene was part of a practice exercise for trainees of the Community Emergency Response Team. It's the first time the course has been held for staff at Grayson College.

A group of about 25 faculty members stepped up to take the weeks long course which consists of lectures and hands-on training. It ended Friday in one final disaster drill.

"It's kind of a practice for us," Dianna Crissman said. "But there's always a need for this and I think it's very important that people pull together to do this."

Participants received a text message that there was a simulated emergency on-campus. They reported to a designated room.

"So there's been an explosion, there are casualties and the response team will go in, perform a triage and try to get the students out before our emergency responders get here," instructor Wade Graves said.

After grabbing several items to use during their faux rescue, the team set out to find their victims. Several rooms are searched before they're found.

After the exercise, the participants graduated from the course which is certified through the Grayson County Office of Emergency Management. Sarah Somers is the director. She says the CERT program is set up to train a volunteers to help the community in case the worst case scenario ever strikes.

"I'm really, really proud of the leadership and the people who are showing up to help get the CERT team organized on the ground and to help fellow co-workers and visitors to the campus," Somers said.

This is the sixth team to graduate since the CERT program began in 2008.

The next course at Grayson College will be held in the fall.