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Motorcycle Death Rate On the Rise


ARDMORE, OK-- A recent study shows a 9-percent increase in motorcycle deaths last year. One Texoma motorcycle dealership says the economy may have been one of many reasons.

F. A. Copeland has been riding a motorcycle since he was 8 years old, and he was surprised to find out that a recent study by the Governor's Highway Safety Association, shows an increase in motorcycle deaths by 9-percent.  

Copeland said it's not all entirely the riders fault. He said he's witnessed several times where cars nearly run motorcycles off the road, and with an increase in riders, he said that also plays a part as well.
"I think it's just the fact that there are so many more motorcycle riders out there today, and I think if there were the same amount of motorcycles that there has been in previous years, I don't think you'd see that much of a rise," said Copeland.

    Like Copeland, Rusty Montgomery also said the blame shouldn't be on just the riders. He said a friend nearly lost his life when a car struck him.   

"I had a friend of mine that was going down Sam Noble and a girl pulled out right in front of him and he hit her at about 40 miles an hour," said Montgomery.
Despite the study, store owner Larry Edmonds said sales keep rolling in.

"The motorcycle business in general has grown motorcycle sales and repairs. The more out there the more we repair and service," said Edmonds.

The study shows that with the economy improving, more people are able to spend their money elsewhere like on a brand new motorcycle.

With high gas prices more and more people may be tempted to buy a motorcycle; Something Edmonds said may be true.

"There's some legitimacy to that claim, because most of these motorcycles can get anywhere from 35 to 50 miles per gallon," said Edmonds.