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Crafty Creations: Chalk Board Paint


The new, fun, creative way to personalize clay pots, glass, metal, wood, plastic and even paper!

Chalk Board Paint!

This product is about $10.00 for a quart. Find it at your local home improvement store in the paint department. Brenda uses Rust-Oleum


To use this, no special prepping is required.  This paint goes on easily and dries ready for chalk. Brenda liked sponge brushes best.

For smooth straight edges on an item, use painters tape. Paint away from the tape's edges to avoid paint under the tape.  Some surfaces may need two coats. If a bit of paint does bleed under the tape, when dry, remove tape and scrape unwanted spots with a toothpick.



Clay flower pots announce the herb/flower name

Glass pitchers marking Sweet or Un sweet tea

Metal buckets or watering cans as address markers

Creative seat assignments at the dinner table

Try it on old furniture or on a metal file cabinet

Make a fun art spot in the kids room on a door

Turn a metal tray into a message board for the kitchen

It even works on paper gift bags, just write a name!


Chalk board paint

Sponge brushes

Item to paint

Painters tape