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Thefts From Unlocked Trucks In Durant Neighborhood


DURANT, OK -- Vehicle burglaries in one neighborhood have residents there on alert tonight, after they say thousands of dollars in valuables were stolen.

Police say these thefts were all reported early Monday in the same area. It is a place where many people have felt secure enough to leave their cars unlocked, until now.

Police say several items went missing from cars parked in the same neighborhood. "Mine was locked so they didn't get in that one, but my dad's was open," says resident McKenzie Neal.

Neal says she always locks her doors, remembering how one of her classmates at high school got broken into, but some of her neighbors don't.

Residents in the Remington Hills subdivision off Wilson Street west of town reported items missing from unlocked vehicles, including a purse taken from a home with a garage door open, and a set of golf clubs taken from the cab of a pickup truck.

"Monday morning we woke up and my dad left to go to work and he's like, our cars got broken into, so we called the cops," says Neal.

At their house, a set of wrenches was gone. One neighbor says his daughter noticed she had been victimized while on the way to school.

"She called me and asked me if I'd been in the pickup and I told her no and she said, 'Well, someone's been through my glove box,'" says resident Rick Smith.

Police say a total of five residents reported having their cars broken into sometime Sunday night or early Monday morning. According to a police report, an officer checked with two pawn shops, but none of the items turned up there.

"They had rummaged through his glove box and stuff so there was a mess," says Neal.

Other neighbors lost a pistol, a laptop, a purse, and tools. Nothing was taken from Smith's car, but whoever was breaking in may have left something. "Went through the glove box and scattered all the insurance forms there and that sort of thing, actually left their flashlight in the front seat of the pickup, so we found that the next day and called the authorities and let them know what was going on," says Smith.

Some residents say they are not surprised and there have been thefts in the area before. Police say the flashlight has been collected and will be checked for fingerprints.