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Dickson High School Evacuated After Bomb Threat


DICKSON, OK-- Testing came to an abrupt end at an Ardmore area school district early Monday afternoon after school officials found a bomb threat on a note on the campus.  The district was evacuated, and three students have already admitted it was a hoax.

Chaos filled the parking lot of Dickinson high school after authorities said a note about a bomb threat was found in a bathroom stall.

Parents and family members rushed to the school to pick up their kids. Authorities say the school was evacuated for about an hour and parents were notified by a phone recording, telling them where to pick up their kids.

Officials looked back at surveillance footage, and spotted the three students they said are responsible.  They said this hoax will not be taken lightly.

"We will deal swiftly and harshly with the individuals that are responsible for turning 1,300 kids out of school. We were in the middle of testing," said Dickson Schools Superintendent Sherry Howe,

Dickson Superintendent Sherry Howe said three girls admitted to writing the notes about the bomb threat and placing them on both the inside and outside of a bathroom stall.

She said the girls got wind of a similar hoax at a neighboring school and heard that the student was never caught.

So, the girls thought it would be a good excuse to get out of testing. Howe said with recent events like the Boston marathon bombing, security is at an all-time high and for these students to pull a prank of this nature was no laughing matter

"It's not a good situation, it's very expensive, for all those authorities to come, very dangerous, and it's a criminal activity," said Howe.

 Parents were notified of the hoax and assured that it was safe for students to return to campus.

School officials said that if all three girls are found guilty of writing the note, they will be suspended for a year, and will not be able to return to school until January 2014.