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Lake Texoma Benefits from Recent Rainfall


DENISON, TX -- Good news for Lake Texoma. The recent rainfall has helped raise the elevation at least a little bit.

The drainage basin for Lake Texoma lies well out to the northwest of the lake.  We need rain to fall in that area for it to drain into Lake Texoma.  And that is exactly what happened last week.

More rain came down across parts of Oklahoma and Texas last week.  But this time a good bit of the rain fell over the drainage basin for Lake Texoma.  The drainage basin covers a little more than 39 thousand square miles of area northwest of the lake.  Medicine Park is an area part of that drainage basin which picked up about six and a half inches of rain.

Thanks to the rain that fell last week in southwestern Oklahoma, Lake Texoma was able to rise about half a foot in elevation compared to where it was a couple weeks ago. Lake managers are hoping more rain is to come.

"Optimistically we would like to have 2.5 more feet of water in the lake. This is our wet period of the year. We've got 30, 40, maybe 60 days left in the wet season before the rain turns off and then we are expecting a hot dry summer to kick in," explains the Assistant Lake Manager for Lake Texoma, B.J. Parkey.

With people starting to get back out on the lake, its a good time to remember to take care of your boat.

"Its spring time, right now is a good time to check out your boat, make sure its lake ready for the summer, make sure you have all your safety equipment on board, make sure you have all your life jackets on board, your fire extinguisher, your sounding device, make sure you have your registration up to date and currently with you and again just make sure your boat is overall ready to hit the lake for the summer," explain Parkey.

As for the current lake elevation, managers are not too concerned but the more rain out to the northwest of the lake, the better.