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Reused Plastic Bags On Display At Sherman Festival


SHERMAN, TX -- Some unusual items for sale at the fifth annual Texoma Earth Day Festival were made from old plastic bags, and even utensils.

Durant resident Carol Smith said it was a message she saw on a crocheting group on the website eBay that got her started on an unusual hobby.

"One of them was talking about plarn and I asked her, 'What is plarn?' and she goes, 'Plastic yarn,' and I'm just like, 'OK, where do we get this?' and she goes, 'You have to make it.'" says Smith.

Now smith makes things out of plastic bags. A bottle holder is 20 bags, while a purse can take 200 bags.

It takes countless more to make 50 mats out of plastic bags, which is just what members of Sherman's Grace United Methodist Church have been doing, and giving them out to the homeless.

At another table, there were items like jewelry and keychains made from old utensils. "Knives, forks, spoons, I use both ends of them. I don't waste anything, I use every single little piece of it," says Sherman resident Jon Renfro.

The keynote speaker at Saturday's festival was a woman who is trying to organize a DFW Ecovillage which would be located in Hunt County.

"This is a permaculture farm, it is an intentional community, it's going to be off the grid. We're going to use rainwater harvesting," says Greenville resident Terry Jensen.

Jensen says she is planning to buy land in the next few months. She says she could not do it in the Dallas area because land was too expensive, and she feared oil drilling.

Organizers say you don't have to move to help the earth. "The kind of thermostat you have on your heating and air conditioning can make an impact," says organizer Amy Hoffman-Shehan. "Just learning about recycling is hugely important, insulating your home, not using plastic bags and using the reusable shopping bags, not buying bottled water."