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Denison mechanic admits to scamming customers out of thousands


DENISON, TX - Being scammed is a fear many people have when taking their cars in for repairs and with good reason. Experts estimate consumers lose billions of dollars every year to faulty or unnecessary car repairs.

On Monday a Texoma mechanic was arrested for stealing thousands from his customers.

Denison Police are estimating this mechanic has cost customers more than $20,000.00 in losses, and now he could be facing time in prison.

If you've taken your car to M & P Auto Repair off Loy Lake and Hyde Park in Denison, police say you may have been scammed by this mechanic, Steven Alan Morrow.

"After about a month, she picks it back up, pays the money and $2850 dollars and the car is still doing the same thing it was doing before," said Denison Police Lieutenant, Mike Eppler.

Denison Police say a woman claims she left her car at the shop to have fuel injectors repaired, but the work was never done.

"She took it to another place to get it checked out and she was told that there was no work done on her vehicle so she goes back and talks to Mr. Morrow, and he allegedly did admit that he did not work on the vehicle, and was just hoping she would not notice it," said Eppler.

Police say Morrow wrote the woman a check for the $2850.00, but she quickly found out it was no good.

Morrow was arrested on Monday for theft and police say he admits to not only scamming this woman, but several other people as well.

Police have talked with a few of these people, but believe there may be more.

"Well it's unknown right at this point, we're still looking into it, if there's anybody that thinks they are a victim in this type of thing whether it's with this shop or any others certainly we want you to come forward and talk to us about it," said Eppler.

Again Denison Police say there may be more people who've fallen victim to scams by Morrow.

If you feel like you may be one of them, contact the Denison Police Department.