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Texoman from West Texas trying to Cope With Tragedy


GAINESVILLE, TX-- One Texoman who grew up in the city of West said his family is okay after Wednesday's explosion, but the town he once called home has now been changed forever

"Is your family okay in west?"

Dr. Billy Roessler said this was the first text he received from his secretary telling him about the explosions in his home town of west, Texas.

Roessler grew up in West and although most of his family still lives in West he said they're doing just fine but said it's still hard to know a town he knew and love may no longer be.
"Surreal is the word used often, you just really think about all the memories you have, a lot of them come to mind again," said Dr. Roessler.

Roessler is a vice president of student services at North Texas Community College in Gainesville and said he's been glued to Facebook and other social networking sites still in shock about the tragedy.

"At some point it was almost like an overload to be honest," said Dr. Roessler.

As many as 60 people are still unaccounted for and Roessler fears that someone he grew up with in the small town may be one of those people.

"An individual from the church that I grew up with, I don't know if he was one of the first responders, but I haven't seen his name on the Internet. I've heard of some people that's still unaccounted for," said Dr. Roessler.

He said he spoke with his mother who lives a few miles outside of west to see if she felt the explosion.

"I talked to her, and her response was thunder and then I asked her later on about if she felt it and it just didn't really register. The electricity was knocked out for a few hours, and they didn't have electricity for a few hours that evening," said Dr. Roessler.

Nancy Kirk is Roesller's secretary and said when she first heard about the news, she feared the worst for Roesller's family.

"Well it was scary, it was devastation! They kept talking about all the houses were you know,  just gone and it was sort of scary,"said Kirk.