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Convenience store robbery in Southmayd caught on camera


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SOUTHMAYD, TX -- At first, Gurmail Singh says he thought it was a joke. But his body language shows he quickly realized the man who walked inside his store Thursday morning was serious.

"First thing, I thought, he was kidding me…he's just joking with me. I was never expecting it in the daytime because the store is so busy, customers on and off on and off," he said.

Surveillance video from inside the Stop-and-Shop on Highway 56 shows a man walk inside just after 11:30.

He's wearing a hooded-jacked backwards with what appears to be a slit in it so he could see.

He's is holding a plastic shopping bag but Singh -- the store owner – says when the suspect pulled out a gun he began to shuffle behind the counter keeping as much protection between he and the weapon as possible.

"He keep telling me ‘Come here, come here.' And I say, ‘No I'm not coming. You take the money yourself. I'm scared,'" he said.

Singh says that's when an unsuspecting customer walked in on what was happening.

"He point a gun at her and tells her I'm shooting you, go back and get into your car," Singh said.

The woman exits without harm. But while the gunman is distracted, Singh takes advantage by dialing 911 on his cell phone and running to the back of the store.

Surveillance video shows the suspect jumping over the counter but Singh says when he couldn't open the cash register on his own, the suspect ran off.

He was arrested nearby.

Singh says in his 20 years working at convenience stores, this is the first time his life has been on the line.

"This is the first time," he said. "I've worked in different convenient stores in Sherman and Denison. This is the first time that happened with my life."