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Johnston County Tornado Shelters


JOHNSTON COUNTY, OK-- With severe weather approaching, Johnston county residents may have a place to go in case of a tornado, but officials aren't publicizing it.

Surveillance video on YouTube shows a family caught in the middle of a deadly storm when a tornado hit in Tushka Oklahoma in 2011.

"Most people want to be verified five times before they seek shelter," said Betty Roan, Director of Emergency Management Johnston County.

Roan  says this is one of the main reasons why the county does not publicize storm shelters.

"Emergency managers statewide do not endorse public shelters simply for that fact, people wait until the very last minute, it's dangerous to get in your vehicle when there's baseball size hail coming down," said Roan.

Amy Lee is a mother of two who says her two kids are the main reason she decided she needed a storm shelter outside her home.

"The bad weather in Oklahoma and because of having children, you typically worry about their safety more than your own," said Lee.

Mannsville, Mill creek, and Milburn schools will not lock their storm shelters but say they're not going to be held liable for anyone getting hurt.

"Well the school cellar holds about 100 people and it will be open, there may not be anybody here but people are welcome to come up if there is a storm," said Mannsville teacher Karen Woolly.

Roan says when it comes to bad weather it's important remember a few simple tips.

"Find a place in your own home to shelter in place if you don't have another place to go to. Something in the center of the house preferably a closet or a center bathroom," said Roan