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Bedbugs, no A/C a problem for tenants of Denison complex


DENISON -- The temperature inside Charles Ruffins's apartment was nearly 90 degrees by noon on Wednesday. He says the air conditioning at the unit he and his wife rent at East Coast Apartments has been broken since last summer.

"It's hot," he said. "You can feel it in here now. We sit here and sweat and pretty much find somewhere to go during the day. "

Ruffins says the fans he keeps on high all day do little to keep him cool.

But the heat isn't his only complaint.

He says his apartment is also infested with bedbugs.

"So we'll have to go get rid of all this furniture and get some more," he said.

Ruffins says he contacted the owner of the complex about his complaints. He says he was given a bottle of bug spray. He's also purchased some on his own but says none of it has been much help.

"I would like to get rid of the bugs. I would like to get the air fixed and get everything done. I mean, they require their rent on time, they always get their rent on time," he said. "Give us a break. Take care of us over here."

The owner of East Coast Apartments didn't want to talk to us on-camera but says an exterminator treats the apartment buildings regularly. He said the bedbugs spread because tenants bring home infested furniture that's already been throw away.

As for the air conditioning, the owner says he's working to get the units repaired. He said it will take a couple days.

"Just fix them," Ruffins said. "Get the air and stuff working right. We're suffering over here."

Renters and landlords in Texas have legal rights under the Landlord Tenant Act.