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Crafty Creations: Spring Craft Ideas


Crafty Creations with Brenda Hantsche is back every Wednesday on Good Morning Texoma.

This week she's come up with spring craft ideas that you can do with the kids and they're great for gifts too.

Bird House Feeders

EZ! for the kids! Get assorted wooden bird houses at the local craft store. Paint them fun colors with affordable acrylics and sponge brushes. Lightly coat the roofs with peanut butter and sprinkle with bird seed then press.  Make sure you get the seed best for your local feathered friends. Hang in trees close the the branch ends so it's harder for squirrels to feast.

Note: make sure you can remove the bird houses so re-applying seed and re-hanging is easy. Check after heavy rains, more seed may be needed. The birds will get used to the snack location, so be aware and replenish.

supply list: Peanut butter knife, bird seed, craft paint, brushes, twine, hot glue gun, wooden bird house

Easter Grass Left Overs

What to do with the left over, fly away colored Easter grass? Use it for gift bag stuffing or in a light weight package or envelope for mailing gifts.  After Easter it's up to 90% off so buy extra for this years gifts. 

Need primary colors to match the bag or gift? Use construction paper or card stock and your office shredder!

Hot gluing pom-poms, buttons or feathers on the end of the gift bag or package is also a fun idea. 

Tulle is easy to tie and mailing friendly.

Another economical gift bag addition, old patterns! Find them at thrift stores, many for a dollar. They're unexpected and more fun that white tissue paper.

Gift Bag Tags: use post cards, paint chips (sample colors from the store) or orphaned playing cards.